This blog was started primarily as a collection of private writings as I started to form my own thoughts, opinions, and questions about my role as a female in the world around me.  As the collection grew I knew for it to become truly vast I had to put it on display and invite discussion – I cannot learn and change without the knowledge of others.

Primarily I will approach the issues surrounding patriarchy and modern feminism.  This is not in any way intended as a slight against men’s movements in equality (pertaining to divorce rights, child custodial legal rights, et cetera).  I believe that with gender equality and the dismantling of “traditional” gender roles these issues will be resolved.  Inequality towards men is inherently rooted in the oppression of women.

Please keep all debate civil.  Inflammatory comments will be deleted, contrary ones will not.  We all learn and change through rational debate!

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  • abirlillman

    Hello, this is a brief about Abir Lillman

    For more than 18 years i have started to make music. My music was trashed and mobbed all around me. I was raised in an Arabic culture, home and country where women have to be in a certain way and being different is a cross i have to be hanged with all my life. I’m in the Swedish Gothrock band Madness of the Night. With my husband Daniel Lillman who supports me all the way. Oppression is a feministic song i wrote and sang in the name of religion and culture ideologies that oppress women. Im My Terror Room is a song i recently wrote i was called a whore all my entire life in a country and culture that demeans women entirely. Sex before marriage is a sin. Being different and a Goth is being alone and unaccepted in the family and the country i lived in. My music is for every woman and my message is to break the chains and do what have to be done and create music. I create music for not now but for after my death.

    If you are interested in reviewing my music

    I have created more than two feministic songs : Oppression, In my Terror Room.

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